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The trauma of a Doctor cutting-out, yanking-out or sucking-out a baby from its mother's womb has huge possible negative lifelong effects.

Most first-time mothers and Babies have a nearly 50% chance of having a substantially negative dramatic or traumatic emergency Birth experience.

Yet 85% of My private clients' labors have been vaginal births.

Kathy's Most Treasured Secrets

I have spent the past 1 1/2 decades teaching thousands of mothers-to-be the secrets of natural labor and normal birth.

As a Senior Midwife having personally caught hundreds and hundreds of babies.

The Organic Birth 90-minute video, explains the most exquisite insights I have learned about childbirth - and it truly just might be the most priceless and important video you will ever watch for the sake of your Baby not experiencing a Delivery that is unnecessarily dramatic and avoidably traumatic.




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So is your No.1 priority You having the easiest Delivery?
Or is your No.1 priority Your Baby experiencing the safest Birth?
The two mindsets are not in conflict when you have access to Advanced Prenatal Education

Most of my private Clients tend to be older first-time Mothers, and about 50% have pre-existing medical conditions. Statistically these women 'should' experience at least a 50% non-Normal birth Delivery rate.

Yet with learning and following the information taught in my ORGANIC BIRTH seminar, this has been a huge contributing reason why 85% of my Clients' Labors have resulted in Vaginal Births.

You see, this 90-minute video is a summary of ALL the most important, critical, and essential wisdom I have accumulated from 1 1/2 decades of teaching thousands of mothers antenatal education, and after having personal caught hundreds and hundreds of Babies.

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The more science studies about Birth, the more we realize how negatively, and permanently, traumatic Emergency Deliveries can impact a Child for it's entire life. So invest in your Child's Wellness and learn properly about the 3 Phases of Labor and the 3 Stages of Childbirth.

Give your Baby the Gift of a Beautiful Birth Arrival

Here's what some of Kathy's clients have to say

"With so much information on the Internet regarding pregnancy, it's very easy to get overwhelmed and bombarded ... The Organic Birth video I just watched was direct, clear, informative, and easy to understand. In all honesty, I'm so grateful because I was feeling so much anxiety and confusion before I watched the video. I plan to watch it again and maybe a third time because there's a lot of good information that I just want to absorb as much as I can. I came to Kathy when I was 32 weeks pregnant, a first time mom, and I was starting to think it was too late to start a program. Kathy has been so helpful with resources ... I highly recommend this video - trust me, you'll learn what you need to know!"
- Angelica Calvillo

"I’m not sure I would have got through my pregnancy if it wasn’t for the help and support of Kathy Fray from MotherWise!As a first time Mum, I had so many questions and concerns and Kathy was always there to assist me and reassure me. No question was too small or silly and she always provided me with answers and research to back everything up. Her videos and content is world class and I felt so educated throughout the pregnancy. I would highly recommend her services to any Mothers-to-be out there. Thank you Kathy for everything! Baby Coco also wants to thank you xx"

- Emma Chase

"I cannot express how thankful I am towards Kathy and her ongoing coaching over the last 19 months. The advice she gave to me as a first time mum on Organic births and how to achieve a birth free of interventions was priceless, her ongoing support and suggestions is so welcome. I would truly be lost without her. Thanks Kathy being the wise one and teaching the natural ways of many generations before us. Lots of love"
- Zelda, Wayne and Anne