Newsletter MotherWise No.10

So MANY new Parents bring the wrong clothing to Birthing Suite for their Brand New Baby, thinking they’ve bought the right thing.

Don’t you be one of them!
We have the solution !!

In conjunction with the wonderful Stine of Roots & Wings I am SO proud to tell you about this incredibly special 100% merino-wool product we are utterly thrilled with – and Day-1 Babies dressed in it will be happy indeed. We’ll explain…

Your child will have special outfits for special events its entire life, from its 1st Birthday Party to 21st Birthday Party; and School Ball to Wedding Day. And on this MOST important day of them all, when your newborn is at its most vulnerable to cold-stress (due to its physiological weaknesses to efficiently maintain its own warmth so young) well, with this beautiful and unique Layette your Baby can be purring’ly content with the perfect core temperature.


Backstory: While catching hundreds and hundreds of babies as a senior Midwife, I found myself repeatedly frustrated at how dreadfully inappropriate the “Newborn” clothing oftentimes was that Parents would bring to Birthing Suite … not enough layers, ill-fitting hats, synthetic fibres, outfits the newborn is “swimming” in. You see, most new parents never realise “Newborn”-sized clothing is actually designed to fit a baby who is on average 4-8 weeks of age, and typically by then most newborns have put on a few kilos in weight and grown several inches in height – plus many parents don’t realise babies lose weight in their first week of life.

Bottom line: What fits a Day-1-Baby is VERY different to what fits a thriving 2-month old – even though “0-3 Months” outfits are all sold as the one “Newborn” sizing … but Babies are not one size for 3 months!


We strongly recommend investing in your precious Newborn having the correct clothing to wear on the day of their Birth, and for their first 1-3 weeks.
The Day-1-Baby Heirloom Layette consists of:
1 specially-designed Day-1-Baby long-sleeved singlet-bodysuit
(to keep their vital organs warm)
1 specially-designed Day-1-Baby jumpsuit onesie-romper
(to keep the rest of their body warm)
1 beanie-hat (to prevent rapid head-loss)

Then, for a personal touch, add on your favourite Cardy/Jumper

(especially in autumn, winter & spring)

NOTE: Baby will also need a woollen swaddle-wrap shawl blanket when not being held. If you don’t already have one, ours feels beautifully soft and is fantastically naturally stretchy. 

These multiple layers of 100% merino are perfect
to enable your baby’s skin to breath naturally.
And remember, this is an Heirloom product: 
That means, it is specifically designed to be handed down in your family – from sibling to sibling, from grandparent to grandbaby, over generations. 
This very special Day-1-Baby Heirloom Layette becomes the very first clothing that ALL your family’s newborns will wear. It is created to be an inherited family treasure, and a cherished bequeathed gift of tradition for many decades to come. (Bespoke calico bag included for long-term storage.)

A fantastic gift from Grandparents!
Love & Light,
  Stine & Kathy

Free Download
The Six Secrets to a Slow Postpartum

Jojo Hogan of BellaMama is a person I have deeply respected for many years. She is an accomplished Doula and expert in perinatal Yoga & Massage – plus she has written this beautiful free guide to the SLOW POSTPARTUM … man, her and I are sooooo on the same page!

If I was only allowed to give you ONE chunk of advice about your Postpartum Period it would be:
Keep your Baby at home for 40 days – until he/she is both Over 5-Weeks & Over 5-Kilos, and…
Keep Yourself at home for 40 nights – living all day for the first month in your Nighty or PJs.

New Babies who have this, thrive better.
New Mothers who do this, thrive better.

Love & Light,

Kathy Fray
Best-selling Maternity Author and Award-winning International Maternity Consultant



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