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Imagine A World Full Of Giving

Conscious Business ethics aligning with Conscious Consumer values making a positive contribution to our Global Society

Kathy’s MotherWise Impact

Here at Kathy Fray’s MotherWise, we want to be a force for good, by striving to create a legacy of positive social impact. We want to know that every time a Customer chooses to do business with us, we ensure their spending is made even more powerful by making sure that something great happens in the world because what we and our clients care about matters.

When You Purchase We Give

Creating smiles on other Women’s faces

At Kathy Fray’s MotherWise we believe in real and meaningful change to Women’s Health can come through the worlds’ entrepreneurial businesses merging with conscious consumer values for a higher global purpose of positive foot-prints. So, every time you spend with us, we give. Some of our favourite impacts include:

With every MotherWise product Sold

With every MotherWise product Sold

Your money provides a woman in Bihar India with Reproductive & Child Health education

With every Kathy Fray Book Sold

With every Kathy Fray book Sold

Your money gives an adolescent Indian girl access to Girls Club sexual health education

With every Essential Basics Package Sold

With every “Essential Basics” Package Sold

Your money admits a Woman into Hospital for Safe Childbirth in Kenya

With every Savvy Chic Package Sold

With every “Chilled Tribe” Package Sold

Your money provides a Kenyan Woman with Cervical Cancer Screening

With every Savvy Chic Package Sold

With every “Savvy Chic” Package Sold

Your money provides a Western Kenyan woman with a safe childbirth environment

With every Supreme Empowered Sold

With every “Supreme Empowered” Sold

Your money gives a Kenyan woman lifechanging Obstetric Fistula surgery

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