OH MAMA … Perinatal Integrative Healthcare

Birth Practitioner Guide to Holistic Maternal/Neonatal Wellness

By Kathy Fray
The Mother-to-Be’s definitive guidebook to safe natural well-being for her complete Maternity Journey

Oh Mama is the ground-breaking handbook for Birth Practitioners overviewing perinatal integrative medicine (holistic maternal/fetal/neonatal wellness). It outlines all the major naturopathic maternity health therapies covering: pre-conception, antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum and the neonate.

While written for clinicians, Oh Mama is still highly readable for expectant mothers-to-be as a succinct guide to integrative medicine relating to pregnancy, childbirth, the postnatal period, and newborns.

For anyone seeking awareness of all the natural health options available during the maternity journey, Oh Mama is the definitive, go-to encyclopedic-style international reference resource.

Available in hard copy and e-book.

Chapter Topics

Author’s Note, Preface, Introduction


Ayurveda Indian Herbalism
Bach’s Flower Essences
Bowen Therapy
Essential Oils
Tissue Cell Salts
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Western Herbal Medicine

Part-2: THE ANTEPARTUM (Pre-Pregnancy & Pregnancy)

Routine Pregnancy Care
Common Discomforts of Pregnancy
Pregnancy Pathophysiology
Labor & Birth Preparation

Part-3: THE INTRAPARTUM (Labor & Birth)

‘Wholistic Birth-Rite’ Kit Prep
First Stage: Labor (latent & active dilatation)
Second Stage: Birth (baby)
Third Stage: After-Birth (placenta)
Holistic support for Natural Labor & Normal Birth
Complementary support for Medical Complexities & Obstetric Complications

 Part-4: THE POSTPARTUM (Mother & Baby)

Maternal wellness & disease
Neonatal wellness & disease

Afterword, Author Postscript, Reflection on Epidurals, Acknowledgements



PhD, Texas, USA World-renowned Medical Anthropologist, Childbirth/Midwifery/ Obstetrics Researcher and Speaker

Kathy Fray is a global thought leader on integrative maternity healthcare. This introductory overview guide is a pioneering breakthrough – right out there on the cutting- edge of holistic maternal/neonatal wellness. A copy needs to be in the back pocket of every midwife and obstetrician.


Ph.D., Egypt Pre/Peri/Post-natal Therapist and Assistant Professor at American University Cairo

Such an eye-opening book that holds so much potential for maternity care! It is a gentle reminder of the array of possibilities we can seek, yet not so many people know about!


MD, Brazil Obstetrician, Homeopath, Author, International Lecturer

On a sick planet, where nature is being destroyed in the name of a fantasy of ‘progress’, our medical systems are also in the ICU. The radical medical invasion of our body through countless drugs – from the first minutes of life until the moment of death – has produced a society that only believes in healthcare when it comes from the outside, through the bombardment of technology to which we all are subjected. Now is the time to question the old paradigm of medicine. This book by Kathy Fray proposes a renewal in health thinking. Her invitation to this journey through various healing models is a balm for everyone who wants to learn safe ways to resuscitate maternity healthcare through new/ old models of healing.


Australia Acupuncturist, Natural Birth Specialist, Former BSc TCM Ob/Gyn Unit Coordinator for Victoria University of Tech

Any time an experienced practitioner can bring forward the wisdom of their knowledge, is a beneficial time for all connected to that field.

With ‘Oh Mama’ Kathy uses her extensive experience as a case-loading midwife as well as her desire to traverse the turbidity that exists in regards to Natural Medicine in pregnancy, and begins a much needed discussion to bring clarity to the possibilities and options available to couples and practitioners alike, when it comes to Natural and Integrative Maternity Care.


New Zealand Advanced Chiropractor Practitioner

Kathy has done it again – this is a brilliant, forthright and practical guide. We are reminded of the atrocious state of health and wellbeing in the world. It is time for integrative maternity healthcare providers to join force and collaborate for more successful and natural birth journeys and outcomes. This book is aimed as a guide for all birth practitioners to help support, nurture and empower mothers along their pregnancy journey. As a mother and chiropractor who is passionate about working with women perinatally, this is a must read for all birth practitioners. Thank you, Kathy for your passion, vision and determination to make holistic maternal and neonatal wellness the norm.

Jocelyn M. Wood

M.A. CCC-SLP, New York USA Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist

I love this latest book from Kathy Fray that combines her years of midwifery experience with a much-needed overview of holistic approaches to the childbirth process and maternity journey. In a world where we have become so dependent on prescription medications and surgical interventions, Kathy’s point of view is a breath of fresh air.

This book is a ‘must have’ for any mother-to-be and Birth

Practitioner looking to forego what has become ‘routine’ medical interventions in lieu of healthier, more holistic management care-plans.


Australia Author, Speaker, Transformational Fertility Coach, Matrescence Alchemist and Soul Midwife

In her new book Kathy Fray delivers incredible gold for practitioners and mothers alike. Knowing how to holistically care for the mother during conception and pregnancy is such a minefield, even more so as the maternity process has become so radically medicalized over the past 80 years. Armed with this guide, we can select or recommend tested support options that sit within integrity with life, with nature, and protect and restore our womb’s precious homeostasis … Introducing the different modalities so beautifully and succinctly in plain English can help the parents (-to be) as much as the practitioners, well beyond pregnancy and birth. A must-have resource. I don’t know how we could live without it!