Speaking Topics


Understanding the Secrets of Natural Labour & Normal Birth

Kathy’s most sought-after talk where she explains the mystical magic of Natural Labour and the ways it is possible to protect it from unnecessary interventions will always lead on to dramatically improved chances of Normal Birth devoid of instrumental and surgical deliveries. If you desire the Normal, you must enable the Natural – devoid of radical risk taking.

In this presentation audience members will learn…

The Four Stages of Childbirth (labour, birth, afterbirth, the Vibe)

The Three Phases of Labour (latent, active, transitional, & labour environment)

The Two Phases of Birth (descent, pushing, & positions)

The Three options of the Third Stage (physiological, active, manual)

The options for Naturopathic Pain Management

The options for Pharmaceutical Pain Management

Overview of Indicators for Induction/Augmentation

Overview of the Indicators for Instrumental Delivery (ventouse, forceps)

Overview of the indicators for Surgical Delivery (C-Section)

Everyone’s Roles (Woman, Birth Support person(s), Midwife & Obstetrician)


Understanding Newborn Body-Language Signs

Practically immediately after birth, parents begin the new, oftentimes desperate journey, to help their newborn be a non-crying contented babe – and almost immediately too, the parents realise the almost complete futility of their efforts, because typically their Baby is the first brand new neonate they have ever cared for in their life, and they realise they have not a clue what Tired Signs are, or Hungry Signs, or let alone OverTired or OverFed Signs.  The Why They Cry seminar is an overview of Kathy’s OH BABY Why They Cry chapter.

In this presentation audience members will learn the baby signs and remedies for…

Baby Temperaments

Hungry & Windy signs

Under-Fed & Over-Fed signs

Teething & Unwell signs

Tongue-Tie (ankyloglossia short fraenulum)

Colic & Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux (& GOR Disease)

Lactose Intolerance (lactase deficiency) & Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy

Arsenic Hell Hour & Mysterious Crying Solutions

Van de Rijt & Plooij Cranky-Clingy Theory

Comprehensive overview of Infant sleep, Tired, Overtired, Overstimulated & Remedies


The ‘happy happy joy joy’ aspect of parenting, not.

Somewhere around the time our child turns 18-24 months old, we realise for the first time in their wee precious life, that have without doubt, been intentionally and defiantly naughty … and in that one millisecond of time, it dawns on us, that we likely are to spend – dependent on their innate personality – somewhere around about the next one and a half decades, saying “No”, in one form or another … and we all have seen 3-4 year olds, who are in charge of their parents. So welcome to Basic Training 101.

In this presentation audience members will learn…

The Six Essentials to effective Toilet Training

Overview of the Toddler mentally, physically, vocab

The Three Main Causes of ferocious Hissy-Fits

The Six Main Cures of ferocious Hissy-Fits

Six additional Cures of ferocious Hissy-Fits

Wholistic Triadic Parenting overview to Parenting their Body using Physiological IQ, Parenting their Mind using Intellectual IQ, & Parenting their Spirit using Soulful IQ

Introduction to 21 Magical Secrets & 21 Universal Principles


The new revolution of body-mind-spirit parenting

Why is it that modern parents can place so much emphasis on organic vegetables and free-range protein, but don’t teach their child why to intentionally be a joyful grateful person? Why is it that modern parents can spend so much energy on best education and after-school activities, but don’t explain to their child how to balance happy contentment with passionate goals? Why is it, that unless we are orthodoxly religious or deeply spiritual, we focus almost exclusively on parenting our child’s Body and Mind, and don’t teach their Spirit (their essence, their Life-Force, their Chi, their who-they-are and their what-they-stand for) how to be a Soulful person.

‘Wholistic Triadic’ parenting is new-age old-age non-religious vaguely-spiritual common-sense.

In this presentation audience members will learn…

Wholistic-Triadic Parenting overview

Five best Golden Secrets to Parenting their Body using Physiological IQ

Five best Golden Secrets to Parenting their Mind using Intellectual IQ

Five best Golden Secrets to Parenting their Spirit using Soulful IQ

Overview to the award receiving manuscript “OH GOD – WHAT THEY HELL DO I TELL THEM?! Guide for Vaguely Spiritual Parents”


Our Story Thus Far

Depressing and inspiring, exceptional and ordinary, real and unreal: Our Journey – the who I am, and what I stand for in Life … just one beggar telling another beggar where the bread is. Everyone has “Their Story”, which not everyone wants to share, and which not everyone wants to hear. This is ours. Gristly in parts, smooth in others, unfrigginbelievable and frickin’ believable.

The Guru in me has a well-honed Belief System that better Human Beings make better Leaders. The Sage in me doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about me. The insecure Child in me can want to just curl up in a corner and frankly order you to ‘Piss off’.

I believe there is not a Path laid out for me, but a Path laid out for me by me.

My strategy is not to get in my own way.

I am the best result of all my worst creations, thus far.

Plus practically any & all other Maternity topics:

Kathy is a “fountain of knowledge” on practically all topics regarding pregnancy, childbirth, the postpartum, babies, motherhood, parenting and IMC (Integrative Maternity HealthCare). As well as regular Keynote presentations and Workshops, she is often very happy to participate remotely live-stream with Podcasts and Webinars.

5 stars


Testimonials from people who have booked me or heard me speak

Organising Committee

“Dear Kathy, Thank you for your address at the New Zealand Medical Students’ Association Conference. We were delighted with the way the weekend came together, and the positive feedback we received from the participants … Your session received wonderful feedback from students and speakers alike, and we were so glad that you could make it to share your knowledge and experiences with students … we feel the participants experienced a unique and important opportunity in their development as future doctors. The participants were especially grateful for the time you spent sharing your insights with them over the weekend. We thank you warmly on their behalf.” Organising Committee

Margaret Nalder, Wisdom Women

“Kathy, Thank you for speaking … we all enjoyed every minute. You have a very unique ability to keep your audience waiting for your next words … [audience] members commented you were the best speaker we have had. I agree.” Margaret Nalder, Wisdom Women

Donna Brannagan, Director of Business to Business

“We thoroughly enjoyed your honesty in talking about challenging episodes in your life. Many times we look at the ‘finished product’ or in your case ‘the woman standing there’ and think you’ve made it by sheer luck and good fortune, without understanding the peaks and troughs that have got you to where you are today. You had pertinent strategies to share to help women [and men] of all types and in differing stages of life.” Donna Brannagan, Director of Business to Business

Sheryl Fonoti, Managing Director of Dreams to Reality

“Kathy is a captivating speaker with a fascinating story to tell. Her drive, passion and commitment is an inspiration to women [and men] to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and get on with whatever is important to them. Thanks Kathy!” Sheryl Fonoti, Managing Director of Dreams to Reality

Petrina Maxwell, Director of Agent-86 Event Management

“I thoroughly enjoyed hearing you speak about your journey and your spiritual path thus far – it is so refreshing to see a woman that has achieved success and also kept herself in check and in tune with her essence – well done!” Petrina Maxwell, Director of Agent-86 Event Management

Charlene Overell, Investment Fiduciary at Strategic Asset Management

“I would like to thank you for the inspiring talk you gave … [which] was motivational, stimulating and thought provoking. You reminded me of the need to remain focused on what is important and to ‘chill out’ for those things that are not. Also, the philosophy of not being overly concerned when life takes a different course to where one intended was very enlightening; to believe that the ultimate personal goals can still be achieved by relaxing and ‘letting it happen’ is already making me feel less tense and more inspired about the future. I would like to recommend you to others who I believe will also find your speaking approach and topics very valuable and enjoyable.” Charlene Overell, Investment Fiduciary at Strategic Asset Management

Yvette Nicholls , Managing Director of Stickyfeet Design

“I loved hearing your story, so inspiring and real, I personally took a lot away from the evening. I loved the synchronicity between our event sponsor Antoinette from Pure Potential, speaking on the workings of the subconscious mind and then without even hearing her you reiterated the same information, just wonderful.” Yvette Nicholls , Managing Director of Stickyfeet Design

Michelle, Mother

Really enjoyed your talk at the Life Synergy Expo. Such an important part of the development that often gets overlooked. Your quotes were so inspirational and beautifully chosen. Michelle, Mother