Newsletter MotherWise No.17

Having a very cool time with  “Mums at the Table” TV in Sydney

Fascinating questions from these lovely ladies
(my interview starts 20mins into the Video)

Suggest you relax and enjoy their show with a nice cuppa. x


Fact or Fiction?
Learn how to avoid it &
Know how to remedy it

Here’s a comprehensive article I’ve recently contributed to for nThe Parenting Co

What does this mean?
Who might have one?
What are the implications?
What are the treatments?

A well researched article I recently contributed to, explaining this complication of pregnancy, its risk factors, and its obstetric management … this is when we are all so lucky to have access to such modern medical technology to help our Babies reach full term.

What the heck is ‘Normal’ ?!
And when are things
“Not Normal”??

If there is one thing us Midwives do need to talk to our Clients about, before six weeks postpartum, is broaching the topic of Sexual Intercourse. Sometimes the main focus of discussions can be about Contraception options, but for many women their bigger concern is how different things might be “down there” – and that’s a really reasonable question to have.

In this article I answer likely all your questions, which The Happy V recently posted.a
So often Reflux is misdiagnosed as other Infant Crying issues such as Colic
Learn how to identify Reflux in this succinct overview.


Are You Really Ready for Birth & Baby?

Newly Pregnant – 14-17 Weeks – 20-24 Weeks – 27-29 Weeks – 29-31 Weeks – 30-32 Weeks – 34-35 Weeks – 36-Weeks – 37-40 Weeks – Over 40-Weeks

& Many More Topics
The Team at The Parenting Co have put together this great compilation of many Maternity Experts, including moi, and some fab Mothers, all sharing their AWESOME hints & tips to how to make travelling with a Baby way less stressful. An excellent read.

If you want to know the latest about maternal & infant holistic wellness, then we recommend subscribing to the FREE Integrative Maternity HealthCare e-Journal to receive links on latest research.

So MANY new Parents bring the wrong clothing to Birthing Suite for their Brand New Baby, thinking they’ve bought the right thing.
Don’t you be one of them!  We have the solution!!
1 specially-designed Day-1-Baby long-sleeved singlet-bodysuit
(to keep their vital organs warm)
1 specially-designed Day-1-Baby jumpsuit onesie-romper
(to keep the rest of their body warm)
1 beanie-hat (to prevent rapid head-loss)
Then, for a personal touch, add on your favourite Cardy/Jumper
(especially in autumn, winter & spring)


NOTE: Baby will also need a woolen swaddle-wrap shawl blanket when not being held. If you don’t already have one, ours feels beautifully soft and is fantastically naturally stretchy. 

These multiple layers of 100% merino are perfect
to enable your brand new baby’s skin to breath naturally.


And remember, this is an Heirloom product:
That means, it is specifically designed to be handed down in your family – from sibling to sibling, from grandparent to grandbaby, over generations. 
This very special Day-1-Baby Heirloom Layette becomes the very first clothing that ALL your family’s newborns will wear. It is created to be an inherited family treasure, and a cherished bequeathed gift of tradition for many decades to come. (Bespoke calico bag included for long-term storage.)


A fantastic gift from Grandparents too!

Love & Light,

Kathy Fray
Best-selling Maternity Author and Award-winning International Maternity Consultant



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