Newsletter MotherWise No.3

PREGNANT? Reminder to sleep on your side, when there’s a baby inside! (To reduce the risk of an unexplained stillbirth)

I was privileged to be a midwife involved in this ground-breaking Auckland University study. Do WATCH THIS VIDEO for summary advice:

Golden rules for the Third Trimester:

  •  Don’t lie on your back, always lie on your side … even when watching TV on the couch 
  •  Left or right side are pretty much as good as each other
  •  Always start your snooze or sleep on your side – if later you wake up on your back, then simply roll back onto your side

    And for a slightly lighter note – here’s a cute article I contributed to titled “What Happens If You Lay On Your Stomach During Pregnancy?”

In case you’re a MiNDFOOD magazine fan, or interested in “Ikigai” (Japanese concept to a long and happy life) you might enjoy this interview I gave for the mag’s October edition.

That is the question the Journalist asked me.  And well, that’s a bit of a “Yeah-Nah” situation.
Find out more here in this kinda sweet article.

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