Newsletter MotherWise No.9 2019

Best ever Video Explanation of how a Cervix opens during Labor

This 3-min Video is seriously one of the best visual explanations I’ve seen for explaining how the womb’s upper-segment contractions, open the womb’s lower-segment Cervix. Recorded as one childbirth-educator teaching another, it’s sure had more views than the Midwife likely every thought it would get. So simple. So clever.

Source of Birth &
Wellness Services

Founded in 1996, by the wonderful Jo Anne Lindberg, BirthLink is a Chicago based resource including local services Directory.

Jo Anne has some great Blogs you might enjoy!

This time the conversation was particularly talking about swaddling & infant sleep. 

As you hopefully already know, here at MotherWise we proudly combine entrepreneurial enterprise with global giving … every time You our Customers Buy, we Give via B1G1. MotherWise pays an annual membership subscription to cover our B1G1 admin costs, so that 100% of the Money impacts the Recipient. Such a neat system. And B1G1 now have a cool App YOU can access for using with your own personal Gifting!

If so, simply email asking to join their IMHC Journal email database. The IMHC e-Journal focus is pragmatic ‘real-world’ research, new knowledge, innovative methodologies, clinical hypothesis of unique insights, and novel findings yet to be explored that warrant attention.

This is NOT a decision that should take a couple of minutes to discuss. It’s a BIG decision that has many SIGNIFICANT implications – a lot of them often not that obvious. After discussing this quandary with hundreds of personal clients over the past decade, here’s my 15 minutes of serious pragmatic advice.

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