Quickly read this article of mine (it will only take a couple of minutes) which has just published by
Mums at the Table – I’ve given some really useful Hints & Tips

If you’ve got a spare hour over this holiday season, or are driving out of town, why not chill-out and enjoy the interesting chat that the glorious Tim Lynch and myself had at GreenPlanetFM.
He’s such a great guy! And it’s such a great Radio Station!

Just a reminder I do have an array of free Podcasts, each only 4-10 mins long, covering a bunch of different topics, including:

Birth Support People.
Delayed Cord Clamping. 

Artificially Rupturing Membranes (Breaking the Waters).
& More.

Plus there’s WAY more I want to record next year!
Maybe save the Webpage to your Browser.

This unique and very clever attached Sleep-Sack has been around for
more than a dozen years, developing an incredibly loyal following!
Designed for 3-30 month olds: Teaches great Sleep Habits AND Stops Infant “moving all around” the cot in their sleep AND Stops Infant climbing to fall out of their cot.

My two new Favourite
Christmas Songs I can’t get enough of!

Australia’s answer to ‘Coldplay’ this live version of “Little Drummer Boy” recorded in Phoenix is phenomenal! Makes me proud to be an Australasian from DownUnder – for sure!

Also avail on Spotify]

Liselle, our MotherWise Team’s social-media manager, also sings stunning harmony with two sisters in a group called Tres Hermanas – check them out on Spotify – we’re all so proud of you Liselle!

I’ve always loved their song “You First Believed” but their version of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” deserves to be added to everyone’s Spotify Christmas play-lists!

Love & Light,

Kathy Fray
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