The Rest-Active-Rest Sandwich

During your First Trimester of pregnancy, the one thing your body wants to do, more than anything else on the planet (!), is to maintain the pregnancy.

To accomplish this, your ovary (the one the pregnancy egg originated from) sends out MASSIVE amounts of the muscle relaxant hormone Progesterone, as a huge effort to prevent your womb from contracting and miscarrying the pregnancy.

The side-effect of all this Progesterone, is that you feel TIRED! Oh so, sooo, TIRED! Oftentimes more tired that you can ever recall being in your whole life. And the ONE thing you should do during this First Trimester, is REST, REST, REST! Listen to your body! Your Body is trying, real hard, to maintain your pregnancy.

During your Second Trimester of pregnancy, the Placenta is now taking over production of pregnancy hormones – and did you know a pregnant woman will product more Oestrogen in one pregnancy, than a non-pregnant woman will produce her entire life?!

This is your period of Activity. This is when you can typically be feeling physically pretty comfortable, and emotionally reasonably energised, making this the perfect and most ideal time to prepare for childbirth, and the arrival of your baby.

So get all your baby nursery equipment sorted, attend your antenatal education classes, fill the freezer full of heat-and-eat nutritious all-in-one dinners for after the baby arrives … bearing in mind one in twenty babies arrives early too!

During your Third Trimester, this is the time when you are most at risk of developing complications, especially Pre-eclampsia, Diabetes, slowed Fetal Growth, and Premature Labour – all of which have significant risks to your Baby’s wellbeing.

This is the period when you also need to remind yourself you don’t have a “Due Date” – you have a “40-Week Estimated Date of Birth”, because it is normal for a ‘Term’ baby to be born at 37-42 weeks.

So, absolutely the most important thing you can be doing for Yourself and your Baby at this stage, especially beyond 30-32 weeks, is REST, REST, REST! … Listen to your body! Your Body is trying, real hard, to grow your baby and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

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