EPIDURALS: Why they lead to so many C-Sections

Today on this webinar I give an overview of the “Cascade of Intervention” (Epidural > Oxytocin Drip > Failure to progress / Fetal Distress > C-Section) and how to avoid it by focusing on the “Cascade of Normalcy”. With members asking live questions, we also spend a few minutes on the topic of newborns learning great sleep habits.

Research shows healthy normal women with Term babies in spontaneous labor, who chose to labor in the primary Birth facility (rather than a tertiary Hospital) are four times less likely to have a C-Section, one and a half times less likely to haemorrhage; and five times less likely to be admitted to HDU/ICU or Theatre. And their babies are three times less likely to have low APGAR scores, and half as likely to need admission to NICU/SCBU.

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EPIDURALS: Why they lead to so many C-Sections
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