Maternal Intuition

Our vast reservoir of feminine intuition is, many believe, a blessing given by the universal creator to every woman. However, in the ‘white noise’ of this modern world, it can be hard – near impossible – to find a pure stillness of mind and body for long enough to be able to tune-in to hear this great helper communicating with our spirit.

Before explaining what intuitive thoughts are, it is necessary to precede this with an explanation of what they are not. Intuitive thoughts are not logical, analytical, rational, reasonable, deductive, goal-orientated or time aware. Sometimes they can first appear to be irrelevant, implausible, impossible, daft, crazy or completely insane – and even, occasionally, egotistically absorbed with your own self-importance. But that’s only what seems to be, not what is.

Intuition is simply a knowing, without effort. It’s an instant attraction or an instant aversion; it’s nagging thoughts, great hunches, persistent ideas, energetic flashes, precognitive dreams, strong impulses, powerful gut feelings, mind-reading, a déjà vu experience, psychic knowing, or your ‘mummy-radar’. It is a ‘not feeling right’, it’s commonsense, a flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, the little voice within, a feeling of calm, or an urgent pull. It’s divine inspiration, an epiphany, inklings, insight, instinct, inspiration, passion, the subconscious, the super-conscious, extra-sensory perception, a premonition, the fifth dimension, or the sixth sense – whatever you want to call it! And another thing about intuition … it’s always right.

But how can you tell when it’s real? Very simply: it’s when a fast thought enters your mind, and is usually accompanied by an emotional feeling, or tangible manifestation, e.g. an ache in your heart, or butterflies behind your belly-button, or knots in your stomach, or the hairs standing up on the back of your neck or on your arms, or an adrenaline rush to your heart and mind – you know what I’m talking about. Recognise it, this is your intuition, screaming. 

Then when you start to contemplate more on the particular thought, often your conscious, rational mind will kicks in, which has the frustrating ability to smother and drown intuition with logic, reason, hesitancy, disbelieve, fear and dread.

An effective way to cultivate your intuition is through turning off your brain’s Beta waves (which characteristically create alert, sensible, logical, apprehensive, anxious or fearful mindsets); and replacing them with Alpha waves (which are rhythmic, smooth, gentle, spontaneous and internally focused) and Theta waves (which are deep, meditative, stress-lowering and emotionally uplifting).

The alpha state is the ‘thinking of nothing in particular’ times when you can have your own ‘eureka’ moments. Nearly all the great thinkers of history experienced their most wondrous thoughts while in this not-deliberately-thinking alpha state. The theta state increases mental productivity, improves sleep and heightens intuition.

The most traditional ways to turn the beta waves down (relax your senses) and turn the alpha and theta waves up (increase your sensitivity), have been through pious practices such as meditation, mantric chants, prayer, worship and chakra yoga to ‘evoke the Kundalini’ – and many other ancient ascetic transcendent devotions.

I cannot recommend enough, setting aside 15-20 minutes a day, preferably at the beginning (and/or end) of the day, for the stillness of mindful meditation. Such practice can change lives! And yes, yes it is normal that during that 15 minutes, your mind keeps chattering and chattering. It is okay, totally. When it happens, you mindfully envelope the thought with a balloon in your mind and watch it float away, thinking “I’ll come back to that thought later”. Another great idea is simply going onto YouTube to listen to 15 minute meditations with earphones … and even on the bus to work is fine too!

But if that is all way outside your comfort zone for now, then that’s alright. There are still lots of other ways to rest your mind. Rhythmic activities like swimming, jogging, dancing and walking on the beach or through a tranquil forest can all help. Immersing oneself in writing, listening to music, painting, sculpting, or reading inspiring philosophy or powerful poetry may be your thing. It’s simply a matter of finding a way to relax that suits you, which allows you to clear your emotions and balance your equilibrium by allowing your mind to drift.

Eventually, intuition can develop into your own best advisor … an inner knowing that has evolved into a powerful resource of foresight and personal enlightenment – an inherent wisdom of understanding, which you can always rely on for perfect guidance, even in the most difficult times.

The beautiful outcome of listening to your Intuition, is that your Self receives confidence of purpose, and liberated independence.

Love & Light,

Kathy Fray is a New Zealand writer and midwife, author of the best-selling “OH BABY…Birth, Babies & Motherhood Uncensored”, and internationally popular “OH GROW UP…Toddlers to PreTeens Decoded”, and body-mind-spirit manuscript award-winning “OH GOD – WHAT THE HELL DO I TELL THEM?! Guide for vaguely spiritual Parents”.

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