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FaceBook – Loads of fabulous general info on Pregnancy, Childbirth, Babies & Motherhood, including live Webinars every week with Kathy when you can tune-in and ask ANY questions! 

Ideal for everyone! Before and after Childbirth … Newbie and experienced Mothers.

Instagram – Join the heaps of other followers receiving our super cool images you’ll find provide a little highlight every day.

LinkedIn – Lots of excellent quality articles on all topics relating to the Maternity Journey, with a bit of a slant of pragmatic workplace advice within some topics. 

Ideal for professionals & intellectuals, and all yet-to-go-onto-maternity-leave expectant Mamas.

Pinterest – Heaps of neat ideas to inspire you, from more than 20 topic Boards – plenty for you to pin your interests on.

I write a lot of articles, but I have to say, this recent commission is one of my MOST FAVOURITE … and potentially one of the most valuable 5-6 min reads for any expectant Mothers-to-be (and her Partner).
After working with thousands of expectant Mamas, and personally case-loading hundreds one-on-one privately, I well and truly learned that during Pregnancy, Childbirth and in the Postpartum, there are NINE fundamental Mind-Body-Spirit NEEDS every mother must have fulfilled, to help avoid preventable negative experiences.

You see … it is CRITICAL you take care of your Baby’s Caregiver!! … Oh, that’s YOU!!

My OH BABY book has a whole chapter filled with excellent guidance when it comes to introducing Solids to your Baby … but this article is my SIX dot-point Summary.

A lovely read from psychologist Dr Brooke Laufer, on Jo Anne Lindberg’s wonderful website BirthLink.
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Self-test yourself anonymously on my 12-Question multi-choice Quiz. The perfect read for all heavily-
pregnant first-time mothers-to-be, which will be a guiding light for the next year.

The BEST 12 months of advice you’ll ever invest in!
Oh Baby book cover
Learn while driving or on the bus!

Topics Include:
Newly Pregnant – 14-17 Weeks – 20-24 Weeks – 27-29 Weeks – 29-31 Weeks – 30-32 Weeks – 34-35 Weeks – 36-Weeks – 37-40 Weeks – Over 40-Weeks

If perhaps you are, then we recommend subscribing to the FREE Integrative Maternity HealthCare e-Journal to receive links on latest research.

So MANY new Parents bring the wrong clothing to Birthing Suite for their Brand New Baby, thinking they’ve bought the right thing.
Don’t you be one of them!  We have the solution!!
1 specially-designed Day-1-Baby long-sleeved singlet-bodysuit
(to keep their vital organs warm)
1 specially-designed Day-1-Baby jumpsuit onesie-romper
(to keep the rest of their body warm)
1 beanie-hat (to prevent rapid head-loss)

Then, for a personal touch, add on your favourite Cardy/Jumper
(especially in autumn, winter & spring)


NOTE: Baby will also need a woolen swaddle-wrap shawl blanket when not being held. If you don’t already have one, ours feels beautifully soft and is fantastically naturally stretchy.
And remember, this is an Heirloom product: 
That means, it is specifically designed to be handed down in your family – from sibling to sibling, from grandparent to grandbaby, over generations. 
This very special Day-1-Baby Heirloom Layette becomes the very first clothing that ALL your family’s newborns will wear. It is created to be an inherited family treasure, and a cherished bequeathed gift of tradition for many decades to come. (Bespoke calico bag included for long-term storage.)

A fantastic gift from Grandparents too!

Love & Light,

Kathy Fray
Best-selling Maternity Author and Award-winning International Maternity Consultant



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