There’s certainly a few CHRISTMAS PREZZIE ideas I thought might be helpful to include in this edition in case they could be something you could gift to someone else … or something you could ask someone to gift You! 

Oh Baby book cover

Best-Selling Book since 2005 Now in it’s next Edition

Birth, Babies & Motherhood

The best 500 pages any heavily pregnant woman can refer to.

Printed copy through MightyApe

OH BABY’s popular sequel book

Toddlers to PreTeens
The revolution on ‘wholistic triadic’ (body-mind-essence) parenting strategies packed with practical tools.

Printed copy through MightyApe
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International Best-Seller

“LIGHTNING GROWTH: Success Strategies for Today’s Leaders”
Final chapter by myself titled Parenting Success Strategies to Grow Teenagers into our Future Leaders

Printed copy through MightyApe


The DAY-1-BAY Heirloom Layette

The absolute best merino wool clothing set designed especially for Baby’s first day outside the womb.

Don’t go for second-best on their first day!

Sixty-year-old proven wisdom:
The world’s best attached sleep-bag.
Designed for 3-30 month olds!
As parents finally enjoy the delicious benefits of your Baby learning great sleep habits!!
As a midwife catching hundreds of babies for over a decade, this is my most precious Childbirth wisdom to help mothers give the very best Birth experience possible for their Baby.


Is your No1 priority you having the best birth possible? Or is your No1 priority your Baby experiencing the best birth possible? I strongly recommend investing in my Advanced Antenatal Education. Routine Prenatal Education = Routine Birth Statistical Outcomes … that’s been proven for decades!
Whereas 85% of my private client’s Labors result in Vaginal births.

Hopefully some of the above are gifts you can buy someone for Christmas – or gifts you want someone to buy YOU for Christmas!

75-Min Maternity HealthCare Interview

The divine Akasha Rose Indream at LearningToBirth.Com has been running the most extraordinary 40-day online international conference, featuring a different inspirational webinar every day, from podcast interviews with 40 leading global experts on the topics of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum.

Here’s her introduction to me, and the link. Thank you so much Akasha – it was such a joy to be part of this incredible global event!

“We have a rockstar for you today on Learning to Birth!

NZ may be known internationally for their Haka, and just as fierce a supporter for normal physiological birth around the world is Kathy Fray!

I had my mind blown during our talk so many times, learning, for example, how babies get their cone shape heads and how the bones of the skull are designed to cross over.

Even before Kathy finished her midwifery course, she had the confidence to write a book about childbirth from a mum’s perspective – and it has been no.1 best seller in NZ for a decade and a half since!
(I have a lot of respect for that, given I’ve also created a learning to birth summit from a parent’s perspective!)
Kathy doesn’t just want to help parents in NZ and Australia however. She’s becoming known all over the world.
Speaking to new mums, Kathy says ‘There’s so many things you don’t understand, and when someone explains it, it all makes sense, and it all has a purpose.’
It’s easy for new mums to freak out says Kathy without support: ‘With ante-natal, it’s all about reassuring the woman from something they’ve been told or read. Or a prognosis or diagnosis they’ve been given… They think it’s the end of the world and we have a conversation and they realise it’s not.’
After birth, says Kathy, the concerns change: ‘It’s all about sleep, breastfeeding, and why they cry. It’s the same questions.’
‘By day 22 it’s usually when the woman will say to me: We are having a few challenges with the sleep.
I always giggle, because that means breastfeeding’s all fine.’
It’s a mother’s peace of mind and having the most beautiful and extraordinary birth experience that inspires Kathy’s dedication to the cause.

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Every so often I can find myself vocalizing a bit of a ranting rave about an injustice I can’t sit back and ignore. And this was in that category.

Actor, Journalist & Radio personality Mike Wesley-Smith has created an awesome NewsHub podcast series especially aimed at the Dads-to-Be and New-Dads

Here’s the first three episodes which feature interviews with a bunch of expert specialists, including myself.
The podcasts are excellent advice disguised as amusing fun!

I remember as a Student Midwife only ever witnessing one Labor with epidural pain-management that did not result in a non-instrumental non-surgical birth … but the birth did result in a nasty 3rd-degree tear (epidural reduced sensation you see).
This truly began my journey of learning to fully educate myself about the routine traumatic birth experiences that are so common for Babies whose mothers opt for an Epidural.
Hear me roar: I am not anti-Epidural.

But I am anti women not realising fully what it is they are consenting to, and the subsequent risks for their unborn baby.

You may enjoy this explanation at the wonderful CAROUSEL magazine.

featuring MAJOR international Keynote Speakers

Attend to Learn – Share – Network

If you are a Mother-to-Be who wants to ‘take-charge’ of her Baby and her Own well-being, then you won’t want to miss this. OR If you are a Maternity Professional interested in holistic maternal-neonatal Health then you won’t want to miss it too!

Sun 22nd March, Novotel Ellerslie Auckland

This is the global symposium on Integrative Maternity Healthcare – also termed Perinatal Integrative Medicine.

Book Early – Venue capacity is limited!

Love & Light, Kathy Fray Best-selling Maternity Author and Award-winning International Maternity Consultant e: w:

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