Newsletter MotherWise No.29

Birthing Pools create safer Social-Distancing

Both doctors of Neonatology and Midwifery around the world, have concluded the use of Birthing Pools naturally create an improved social-distancing barrier of protection for women during their labour.

Read this interesting overview – especially even the point that Covid-19 is not a waterborne virus.

What Instructions are your Maternity Healthcare providers receiving to keep you, your baby and themselves safe during Coronavirus?

Get your free copy of the latest eBubble magazine, and go to page-26 to read my latest article explaining the “new normal” of each Trimester’s antenatal care regime, and the Postnatal home-visits regime during Covid-19.

Healing Uterine Prolapse … holistically

Shannon Dunn is a journalist, holistic beauty editor, author and mum-of-two, who is dedicated to guiding women and children to “fully express their light”. Shannon has also become rather an expert guru on the topic of naturally healing uterine prolapse.
Her latest book is just released, and is a fascinating read.
[Shannon has also created a companion affirmation book.]

Please help spread Loving Kindness

The amazing Gampson St Louise continues to work so hard to keep his school open for the poorest of the poor street-kids in Haiti. But now he’s in desperate need of funds to afford face-masks for the children with Covid-19 rampant.

Free Weekly Q&A online session for Expectant Mothers on natural birth & normal labour

With some countries estimating a doubling in HomeBirths since the pandemic began, more expectant women are questioning if Hospital is the safest option for them and their Baby.
These chat sessions are a unique opportunity for you to learn more about the risks and benefits of Hospital births versus Birth-Centre labours versus Home-Birthing – and the current “best-practice” guideline recommendations for safest outcomes.
5pm, Mondays, L.A. time
8pm, Mondays, NYC time
10am, Tuesdays, Sydney time
12noon, Tuesdays, NZ Time

During the CoronaVirus outbreak MotherWise are donating Kathy’s 90-min “Organic Birth” video FREE for expectant mothers all around the world! [RRP$199]

This extremely comprehensive 90-min video is suitable for all women considering a natural labor and normal birth.
Content includes advance education of the Three Phases of Labor, Four Stages of Birth, Natural pain management incl Hypnobirthing, and Pharmaceutical drug options.

The Day-1-Baby Heirloom Layette

Made from finest New Zealand merino wool!

In my opinion: 
Best clothing for a brand new just-born Baby… ever!!

For decades I have needed to educate parents-to-be about the enormous mismatch between the size of a just-born Newborn, and the size of Newborn clothing. There is HUGE misunderstanding out there. The clothing size Newborn or 0000 is designed to supposedly fit 0-3 month olds.

However, in my experience
 it generally averagely fits 6-week-old babies (ie, after a newborn has gained 1.5-2.0kg from birth). 
That means that Newborn-size clothing is massive on newly born Babes, who typically only weigh 3.5kg. It is equivalent to a 120lb woman wearing clothing designed to fit 180lb woman!
And if there is one thing a brand new baby does not need, is loose fitting clothing, because it won’t keep them warm enough. Also, ALL brand new babies are best in woolen clothing … but man oh man, there is some nasty cheap woolen clothing available for newborns that is scratchy and loses its shape after the first wash.

I want to introduce you to my most favourite of products!

The Day-1-Baby Heirloom Layette
I have never seen anything else that comes close to how amazing this set is.

Love & Light,

Kathy Fray
Best-selling Maternity Author and Award-winning International Maternity Consultant



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