Newsletter MotherWise No.30

“OBSESSED” is an awesome operation providing access to fabulous Speakers, all talking about what they’re so passionately Obsessed With.
Their website has loads of inspiring interviews!
Above (and below) is the link to my own 30-min interview with OBSESSED where among a bunch of topics we discuss:


  • Perinatal Integrative Medicine (ie, holistic maternity health & wellness)
  • The dire need for mothers-to-be to seek out “Advanced” prenatal education
  • Avoiding the Cascade of Intervention’s high level’s of dramatic & traumatic Obstetric emergency deliveries

Join myself and interviewer Annette for this eye-opening half-hour discussion.
These are ideal topics to listen to if currently pregnant, or planning to be in the future.

What is the “new Normal” for Prenatal & Postnatal care-plans?

Here is the link to my article with e-BUBBLE outlining what the “new Normal” is likely to be looking like for the care of expectant and new mothers during the pandemic.

Pregnancy Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Here is a link to my article with Messy Mothers giving tips of how to deal with PTSD when you’re pregnant.
[Excerpt from OH BABY book]

Enjoy this FREE 1-hour tutorial discussion with “Hypnobirthing queen” Claire Yee sharing
wisdom to Midwives & Doul

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Guide to Understanding the Secrets of Natural Labor & Normal Birth

Do you want the 85% chance like my private clients have, of experiencing a vaginal birth? Or are you okay with the 1/3 chance of your Baby experiencing a dramatic or traumatic emergency instrumental or surgical delivery like most first-timers Labors?
Learn the Secrets!!

Nicknamed for over a decade the ‘Birth & Baby Bible’ this has been NZ’s No1 best-selling guidebook on Childbirth and Infants since 2005!

Avoid being wise-dumb.
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Day-1-Baby Heirloom Layette

The world’s BEST first clothing for Baby’s Birth-Day, consisting of NZ’s highest-quality merino wool in sizing specifically for a the first 1-3 weeks of a precious Newborn’s fragile life.
Note: Normal “newborn”-size clothing is designed for 6-week-olds who have gained at least a kilo, so is WAY TOO BIG for 95% of Day-1 Neonates.
This stunning Day-1-Baby Layette set is also an heirloom, designed for ALL your babies (and grand-babies) to wear on their first day of life.
Give them the BEST on their BIRTH-DAY!
World’s most unique attached sleep-bag.
Clever 60-year-old design keeps 3-30 month olds safe and secure – plus assists to instill great sleep-habits.
For laundering convenience, owning two is best!

Love & Light,

Kathy Fray
Best-selling Maternity Author and Award-winning International Maternity Consultant



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