Newsletter MotherWise No.5

This really can be quite the can-of-worms topics of various opinions.
But using the KIS [Keep It Simple] philosophy, I can summarize it as:

For Men, leading up to conception (yes – Men make babies too!) an Antioxidant that includes zinc & selenium is great for sperm.

For both of you, perhaps some of the Peruvian root Maca is great for the glandular system including Libido.
Before & during pregnancy, for Women a good quality Prenatal Multi-Vit
Multi-Min (and that doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive).
Then also during pregnancy, optionally a calcium-magnesium supplement, and/or optionally a probiotic, and/or quite likely an Iron supplement 
(natural iron therapies tend to have improved absorbency & reduced side-effects over prescribed tablets).
However I am not a naturopath qualified as a medical herbalist, so it can always still be best to seek a professional opinion, who oftentimes will pick up other micronutrients you may be low on too.
Antenataly you will regularly see your Midwife/Obstetrician. But I believe EVERY PREGNANT WOMAN should also invest in regularly seeing a Family Naturopath to promote Wellness – not only relying on seeing a Doctor to cure Unwellness.

For more interesting fascinating reads – do visit TEN-MINUTE NATURAL HEALTH  (I’ve been interviewed on this topic in Rob’s latest Episode).

Feel free to use mine, which has beautifully accompanied hundreds of women before you, through stunning births!
Find it at SPOTIFY under
Mark Kathy Fray“.
NOTE-1: Mine is not your ‘normal’ waves-washing bird-tweeting
whale-singing Birth compilation …
it’s simply over 200 chilled-out songs, from untold different genres, to help keep your
head-space in a good place.

NOTE-2: I recommend not listening to much of the Playlist until the day …
it helps best being unpredictable  xx

No prob!
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Oh Baby book cover

Can you tell this is an
Over-Tired Baby? I can, it’s really obvious.

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Here’s links to two of my favourite Understanding Infant Sleep blogs:

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Interested in Maternity Well Being?

If you are an Obstetrician, Midwife, naturopathic therapist of any modality, or have any professional interest in Maternity well-being, then the IIMHCO Integrative Maternity HealthCare global summit would love to touch base with you – and please share the link with your acquaintances, thank you.

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