Pregnant during pandemic- To Scan or Not To Scan

That is a question during this Pandemic

Here’s the general recommendations to keep everyone as safe as possible:

  • Woman only at all scans – no extra attendees (unless as emotional support during a suspected miscarriage confirmation scan)
  • Dating Scans limited to 10 minutes and generally only performed if the First Trimester Downs Syndrome Screen scan is planning to be declined
  • First Trimester Downs Syndrome Screen scans ideally taking only around 15 mins
  • Second Trimester Anatomy scans ideally taking only 20 mins (including no non-essential anatomical scanning, eg spending longer to achieve better facial images, or confirmation sex with certainty)
  • Any follow-ups for partially incomplete Anatomy scans are performed after the lock-down – unless major structures not visualized adequately
  • No routine Growth Scans unless medically indicated (eg abnormal womb size growth) – and then only limited to less than 10 minutes to achieve the growth measurement calculations
  • No complex Growth Scans (termed BioPhysical Profiles) unless referred by a Specialist – and then limited to half an hour



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