Preventing, Identifying & Treating Postnatal Depressive Disorders

PREVENTING, IDENTIFYING & TREATING POSTNATAL DEPRESSIVE DISORDERS: Postnatal depression, PTSD, Postpartum psychosis (and knowing when ‘the Blues’ aren’t just ‘the Blues’)

There is much misunderstanding and confusion over the various postpartum depressive disorders (ie, PND, PTSD & Psychosis) and also little practical knowledge of recognising when common normal physiological ‘Blues’ have warped into pathological abnormal ‘Pinks’.

During this presentation, the two senior midwives of Australasian Kathy and American/European Ana, will together give thorough overviews to fully understand the clinical differences, including detailed power-point slide lists of potential symptoms and potential cures – as well as practical ways to avoid postpartum depressive disorders.

Ana is a highly experienced senior American Certified Nurse Midwife who has practiced full-scope midwifery for ten years, delivering both in and out of the Hospital setting, and Ana loves supporting and empowering women!

Over the years, she has learned that being with women is more than just supporting and empowering those we care for – it also means supporting and empowering both our colleagues, and ourselves as health practitioners on this journey.

These days Ana resides in Europe and is very much enjoying utilising cyberspace to enable positive ripple effects beyond local maternity communities, such as her volunteer work with IIMHCO.

As a Midwife and her country’s best-selling birth/babies/motherhood Author since 2005, Kathy has become passionate on providing women with high quality understandings around postnatal depressive disorders, including real remedies for both preventing and dealing with these disorders.

Kathy is also creator of the premium online prenatal education program MotherWise MasterClasses, author of several other popular maternity/parenting guidebooks, and founder of IIMHCO who are global thought-leaders on Perinatal Integrative Medicine.

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