The Toddling Tots!

Ah, the toddler . . . a fully mobile being with virtually no commonsense!

For most parents — especially the stay-at-home mum — toddlerdom contains some of our most physically busy years: we’re up, we’re down, and up and down again . . . ‘Don’t touch Nana’s ornament’, ‘No, no, don’t pull the cat’s fur!’, ‘Ah, ah — you mustn’t poke your baby sister in the eye’, ‘Eeek — don’t build sandcastles on the lounge carpet’.

The best toddler-tamers tend to be extremely attentive parents because, let’s face it; toddlers are a hazard to themselves. However, toddlers are meant to be carefree risk-taking thrill-seekers. The toddler years are all about pushing boundaries — it’s in their job description!


  • Lift-the-flap books
  • Soft toys, dolls and glove puppets
  • Wooden building blocks
  • Push-along and pull-along toys, such as trolleys and Buzzy Bees
  • A toy tricycle, car, bike or tractor to sit on and push with their feet
  • A mini-chair
  • Stacking cups or rings and shape-sorter cubes
  • Toy workbench with wooden hammer
  • Pictorial wooden puzzles
  • Rhyming poems and songs
  • Arty activities, such as making things with play-doh or fingerpainting
  • Imitation and imagination play, such as dress-ups and cardboard boxes
  • Listening to music, playing with toy drums and rattles
  • Physical activities, such as jumping, running, swimming and hopping
  • Bath toys, such as waterproof letters and numbers; toys that float, such as a rubber duck; kitchen colander, plastic funnel, small bucket, small watering can and empty plastic bottles
  • Favourite games: chasing blown-up balloons around the room; simple memory-card and counting games; games with rules, such as getting tagged ‘out’; and ball games: rolling, kicking, throwing and catching
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