What You Need to Know and Do at 34-35 Weeks Gestation

With birth VERY imminent, good Fetal Movements become very important. Learn what it is you need to know.

Note: The 25-min full-version of WHAT YOU NEED TO BE THINKING ABOUT AT 36-WEEKS’ GESTATION also includes:

* Knowing when to contact your Midwife/Obstetrician or present at Birthing Suite for established Active Labour
* Mucous bloody shows – Waters breaking – Meconium
* Social-emotional aspects of Childbirth
* Postnatal self-care including pregnancy feelings and support networks
* Opportunity to meet the Back-Up Team & reconfirm your Birth Plan
* Student Midwives & Student Doctors
* Skin-to-Skin & first Breastfeed
* Sleeping on your Side

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