BECOMING PIM FRIENDLY [Perinatal Integrative Medicine] – 1-Hour Certification course for maternity healthcare professionals

IIMHCO [Intl Integrative Maternity HealthCare Org] is about maternity specialist professionals of all therapeutic modalities connecting and communicating with each other under one umbrella. From midwives to medical herbalists, from hypnobirthers to homeopaths, from obstetricians to osteopaths and every therapeutic discipline in-between – with the collective goal being to uphold the World Health Organisation mandate: “Optimal health and well-being are inclusive of the physical, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual dimensions of life.”

So what does the volunteer team at IIMHCO actually do? They update with their general e-newsletters; they inform with their research e-journals; they teach with their certification course; they educate with their weekly webinars interviewing top specialists; they enlighten at their symposiums; and they edify with their clinicians’ database.

IIMHCO is passionately dedicated to the long-term big-picture integration of Modern mainstream orthodox obstetric & neonatal medicine; and Ancient Traditional healing therapies of all modalities; and New-age cutting-edge scientific health discoveries.

Kathy and the IIMHCO team have pre-recorded a ground-breaking 45-min webinar video overviewing the topic of holistic integrative maternity wellness, ie perinatal integrative healthcare.

The final 15-mins will be Kathy live for discussions, able to answer any questions you may have. Also, after the event there is an option for you to spend a further15-mins in your own time completing the free IIMHCO certification process to officially become a “PIM-Friendly Practitioner” (ie Perinatal Integrative Medicine) – and able to add their logo to your credentials.


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