Boost your pregnancy compromised immune system

Not since the Spanish Flu a century ago has the benefit of having a robust Immune System been so important to mankind, globally!

However, pregnancy naturally weakens the immune system making women immuno-compromised.

For a long time the normal physiological effect of pregnancy aggressively altering a woman’s Immune System, was believed to occur to avoid the woman’s body attacking the growing fetus, but more recent research believes this natural response is also part of successful fertilization implantation – but being pregnant with a naturally weakened immune system is far from ideal during a Pandemic … which could explain the seemingly higher current levels of miscarriage.

From the integrative maternity wellness expert, Kiwi/British Midwife Irene Chain-Kalinowski, here are some excellent practical things you can do to boost your compromised immune system during pregnancy:

  • Add crushed garlic to hot milk (cow/soy), plus a spoon or two of Manuka honey, and drink it at night
  • Take a zinc supplement (available at most pharmacies and supermarkets)
  • Avoid refined foods and sugars.
  • Eat natural carbs and plenty of protein
  • Consume lots of bone and stock soups (or lentil and bean soups if vegetarian)

Also I’ll add to that list, that capsules of Olive Leaf Extract are fantastic to take, because Olive Leaf Extract is a anti-viral, anti retro-viral and anti bacterial. Brilliant stuff! My personal recommendations are:

  • Purchase the best quality (highest dose) Olive Leaf Extract available at your local pharmacy.
  • If there is a good brand that combines Olive Leaf Extract with Echinacea, that is even better.
  • Remember is not a Drug – it’s like a dehydrated salad in a capsule – so realise it is safe to take.
  • Take the recommended daily dose for general wellness maintenance.
  • If a little unwell, take the recommended daily dose for treating disease.
  • If feeling very unwell, at least double the recommended daily dose (remember, it is a salad in a capsule).
  • Take a higher dose at bedtime.

Don’t stop taking the capsules as soon as your symptoms disappear – keep going on a maintenance dose.

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