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Not since the Spanish Flu a century ago has the benefit of having a robust Immune System been so important to mankind, globally! However, pregnancy naturally weakens the immune system making women immuno-compromised.

For a long time the normal physiological affect of pregnancy aggressively altering a woman’s Immune System, was believed to occur to avoid the woman’s body attacking the growing fetus, but more recent research believes this natural response is also part of successful fertilization implantation –¬†but being pregnant with a naturally weakened immune system is far from ideal during a Pandemic¬†… which could explain the seemingly higher current levels of miscarriage.

From the integrative maternity wellness expert, Kiwi/British Midwife Irene Chain-Kalinowski, here are some excellent practical things you can do to boost your compromised immune system during pregnancy:

  • Add crushed garlic to hot milk (cow/soy), plus a spoon or two of Manuka honey, and drink it at night
  • Take a zinc supplement (available at most pharmacies and supermarkets)
  • Avoid refined foods and sugars.
  • Eat natural carbs and plenty of protein
  • Consume lots of bone and stock soups (or lentil and bean soups if vegetarian)

Also I’ll add to that list, that capsules of¬†Olive Leaf Extract¬†are fantastic to take, because¬†Olive Leaf Extract¬†is a anti-viral, anti retro-viral and anti bacterial. Brilliant stuff! My personal recommendations are:

  • Purchase the best quality (highest dose) Olive Leaf Extract available at your local pharmacy.
  • If there is a good brand that combines Olive Leaf Extract with Echinacea, that is even better.
  • Remember is¬†not¬†a Drug – it’s like a dehydrated salad in a capsule – so realise it is safe to take.
  • Take the recommended daily dose for general wellness maintenance.
  • If a little unwell, take the recommended daily dose for treating disease.
  • If feeling very unwell, at least double the recommended daily dose (remember, it is a salad in a capsule).
  • Take a higher dose at bedtime.
  • Don’t stop taking the capsules as soon as your symptoms disappear – keep going on a maintenance dose.


That is a question during this Pandemic
Here’s the general recommendations to keep everyone as safe as possible:

  • Woman only at all scans – no extra attendees (unless as emotional support during a suspected miscarriage confirmation scan)
  • Dating Scans limited to 10 minutes and generally only performed if the First Trimester Downs Syndrome Screen scan is planning to be declined
  • First Trimester Downs Syndrome Screen scans ideally taking only around 15 mins
  • Second Trimester Anatomy scans ideally taking only 20 mins (including no non-essential anatomical scanning, eg spending longer to achieve better facial images, or confirmation sex with certainty)
  • Any follow-ups for partially incomplete Anatomy scans are performed after the lock-down – unless major structures not visualized adequately
  • No routine Growth Scans unless medically indicated (eg abnormal womb size growth) – and then only limited to less than 10 minutes to achieve the growth measurement calculations
  • No complex Growth Scans (termed BioPhysical Profiles) unless referred by a Specialist – and then limited to half an hour

The Free “COVID-19¬†BIRTH & BABY Assurance Kit”

For all Pregnant Women & their Partners

As part of¬†MothersWise’s contribution towards helping pregnant women all over the world¬†during this global pandemic we have created a¬†FREE LINK¬†to my¬†90-min ORGANIC BIRTH video¬†[RRP$199], to help expectant mothers everywhere learn to understand fully the¬†secrets to natural labor and normal birth.
Pregnant women have likely¬†never¬†felt this scared about hospital childbirth, knowing that even with the best precautions they and their precious newborn will be vulnerable to acquiring the COVID-19 infection. Likely not since the 1940’s have so many expectant women been seriously considering a Home Birth as being their safest option. But if giving birth naturally at home without an epidural was¬†not¬†part of your Birth Plan, then the concept of HomeBirth can feel scary, and raw, and messy, and immensely painful, and even dangerous.
So for a woman with a healthy normal pregnancy, how does you go from the mindset of a pain-free epidural labor with hospital delivery, to a spontaneous natural labor with home birth. It can be a BIG leap mentally!

To help you make such an important decision, watch this childbirth educational video first to help make your decision either way. And even if due to obstetric complications you need to birth in a Hospital, this information will add another valuable layer of feeling empowered.


To access the FREE 90-MIN ORGANIC BIRTH Video,
go to the MothersWise website and fill in the pop-up box.
Very simple.

The Free “COVID-19¬†BIRTH & BABY Assurance Kit”

Guide to use during Labor 

It is one thing to watch videos and read books and attend classes, but on the day, at the time, during labor, with contraction after contraction, all that “theory” can feel confusing, and can feel forgotten …¬†“What did the Childbirth Educator say about xxx?!”¬†your Partner is asking, while you’re trying to work out what Hypnobirthing actually is meant to feel like.

This free download is your Guide that will “hold your hands” and reassure your Birth Support Person, through each phase of your labour, and alongside each stage of birth. ¬†

The Free “COVID-19¬†BIRTH & BABY Assurance Kit”

Webinars & Podcasts

You may not be able to have the same face-to-face time with your Midwife/Obstetrician, and you may not be able to attend the group Prenatal classes, but that does¬†not¬†mean you aren’t able to feel fully informed!

Here is access to loads of my FREE short Webinars and Podcasts, that cover multiple important topics relating to your 
pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum. 

HACK TIP:¬†Due to the pandemic, you may not have access to all the people who were going to be part of your “support crew” once home with your precious Baby – so¬†do¬†watch all my Postpartum Videos¬†before¬†you go into Labor, so you can understand better what you need to know during those first intense days and weeks.

The Free “COVID-19¬†BIRTH & BABY Assurance Kit”

FREE¬†“WHY THEY CRY”¬†Guide to
Understanding Newborn Body-Sign Language

Not wanting a baby to cry, makes as much sense as not wanting a toddler to talk. Crying is your baby’s way to communicate their needs, and they have lots of different kinds of cries each saying different things.

But if every time your baby cries, you respond by thinking “Bubs must be hungry?” and putting your boob in their mouth, you are setting yourself up to have a screaming cranky over-stimulated over-tired newborn, potentially with poor weight gain.¬†

Learn the art of reading their body sign-language, and learn the science of infant sleep by receiving your own FREE copy of this WHY THEY CRY guide that is usually only available to our paying MotherWise Tribe members.

Simply email me saying¬†“Please send me the WHY THEY CRY guide”.

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consents to your info being collected and stored by KathyFray.Com]

The Free “COVID-19¬†BIRTH & BABY Assurance Kit”


This free BECOMING MOTHERWISE Check-List gives specific details of all the prenatal education/actions I recommend you tick-off your To Do List ideally before 34-35 Weeks’ gestation!
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER when it comes to birth and babies, and this is Me telling You what I believe is the most practical, pragmatic, game-changing and pitfall-preventing Advanced Antenatal Educational advice I can possibly provide you with!

Simply email me saying¬†“Please send me the BECOMING MOTHERWISE check-list”.
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Love & Light,

Kathy Fray
Best-selling Maternity Author and Award-winning International Maternity Consultant



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